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Second fire in Harar; showdown between Admin and people


March 18, 2014

 After a second fire broke out in another market place in Harar city on March 15, 2014, Eastern Ethiopia in one week, the local population and the Administration are trading accusations on each other. While the Administrators are accusing “groups with hidden political agendas”, the people accuse the government of causing the fire.

At least 40 youth, who, last week, took to the streets to express their anger, are still detained by police.

Government mass media have stated that the detained people were those who attempted to break-in shops using the fire as a window of opportunity. The residents on the other hand state that those who have been robbing were police officers “people have been watching the police officers in shame as they sacked mobile phone apparatuses from the shops.”

Most residents of Harar believe the Administrators of Harar started the fire aiming to give the market place to selected few.

The Harari Region Communication Bureau on its part said that the main cause of the fire have been the “groups that have been attempting to pursue their hidden political agendas.” It also declared to fight ‘them’ together with the government.

Observers say Harar has been filled with “sadness and grudge” more than any other time in its history. They people are mystified on what they should be doing.

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Second fire in Harar; showdown between Admin and people

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