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Saudi Arabia must Release Nebiyu Sirak immediately !!!

nebyu sirak
By Tedla Asfaw

I heard on ” Hiber ” Radio this past week that Nebiyu Sirak a journalist who writes and works as a freelancer for German Amharic/DW is arrested by Saudi security in Riyadh. I want DW to tell us more about this story.

If indeed Nebiyu Sirak is arrested his life will be in danger because of his writings and interviews that exposed Saudi Arabia deportation by rape, beating and jailing of Ethiopians. Before the whole world learns about this crime it was Nebiyu in Nov-Dec of 2013 who blew the whistle of the coming danger.

His warnings was prophetic. His fear has become true. Ethiopians all over the world came in huge number to denounce Saudi Arabia’s crime against Ethiopians. The Ethiopian regime was exposed for its incompetence to defend its own citizens. Saudi Arabia was forced to deport more than 150,000 Ethiopians “humanly”. There are still thousands in jail waiting to be deported or for long term jail under brutal conditions. Jailing Nebiyu is silencing the voice of those who are still suffering in Saudi concentration camps and tens of thousands of Ethiopian maids in Saudi households of slavery.

Therefore Nebiyu is an “enemy” of Saudi regime. His detention and forcibly to be deported to Ethiopia must be condemned. Nebiyu Sirak’s life is in danger and international organization like Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, Committee to Protect Journalists and others must come to his defense.

Ethiopians in the diaspora should rally and tell Saudi Arabia to release Nebiyu Sirak immediately. Nebiyu Sirak is just doing his job, report the truth.

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