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  1. Toronto must be a heaven if even Ethiopians have high opporunities like Samuel does. Here in San Francisco , California USA non-cauccacian businesses are closing their doors one by one. Little Ethiopia was not unthinkable in San Francisco, California but was found to be impossible.Most Ethiopians are being forced to relocate due to economic hardships.Eventhough Boycott, strike, work stoppage, protests and the like are normally bad words and no one wants to endure such strife, even the purveyors of such physical protests For Jan. 1, 2014, two national organizations of Black meeting planners, controlling 75 percent of the $40 billion Black convention and meeting industry, have been notified to stand by until our meeting with the SF Travel Association and the City San Francisco African American chamber of Commerce SFAACC, along with a coalition of other Black and concerned organizations, presented DEMANDS in an upcoming meeting with SF Travel, the Hotel Board and the City of SF. . Protesting is often an early step to objecting to unfair or inequitable treatment by a corporation or government agency but the San Francisco city and county had left the people no choice.

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