Kassala State Denies Closure of Crossing Border Points With Eritrea

Khartoum — The governor of Kassala State, East Sudan, has denied reports that border crossing points with Eritrea have been closed down, saying such reports were simply social media gossips seeking to undermine relations between the Sudan and Eritrea

Adam Jamma Adam, has described what was being reported in social media outlets about closure of these crossing points with Eritrea as “dishonest reports” that are unfounded and have never been said by any official in the state or the federal government of the Sudan.

The governor on Friday paid a field visit to El Lafa crossing point, in the company of officials from his government and met with met with officials from the other side of the crossing point, stressing the historic and social bonds between the two sides.

He said troops that have reached Kassala state recently are within the context of the presidential decision to collect unlicensed fire arms and to combat human trafficking and smuggling of goods and commodities illegally across the borders. He said these troops have nothing to do with the joint borders with Eritrea.

The Governor, Adam, referred to the relations and contacts between leaders and security authorities on both sides and their cooperation in combatting the negative practices in the area.

He underlined that crossing and procedures related to the movements of people and commodities between eh two counties would continue in the same manner applied previously.

Officials from the Eritrean side have expressed their appreciation for the visit by the governor and said their leadership have never issued nor received any official information about closure of the border crossing point.

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