Ethiopia Admonishes Eritrea Over South Sudan’s Conflict

The Ethiopian government has blamed Eritrea for being involved in the South Sudan crisis. On Thursday, Dina Mufti, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)

of Ethiopia told foreign journalists that Eritrea is involving itself in the crisis of South Sudan and stressed that his government “has circumstantial evidence of Eritrea’s involvement in the South Sudan crisis.” The spokesman told The Reporter that given the fact that the Eritrean government is involved in several conflicts in the region, and by the same token the Eritreans are involved in the crisis of the South Sudan.

He added that Eritrea’s involvement in regional conflicts and crises has been the case for long and is not a new phenomenon; there were tangible evidences that demonstrated the level of involvement of the Eritrean government in crises in Somalia and other countries in the region. Moreover, he explained that due to the belligerent nature of the Eritrean government, the country is participating in such conflicts clandestinely to destabilize the region. He further added, “the government of Ethiopia strongly believes that Eritrea has played a role in the ongoing conflict in South Sudan.”

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Source: Ethiopia Admonishes Eritrea Over South Sudan’s Conflict


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