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ESAT Yehud Weg 13 January 2013 Ethiopia – Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) ESAT is the first independent Ethiopian Satellite Television service and Radio Station who broadcast to Ethiopia and the rest of the world


  1. Deredje again at the best of his table discussion! Excellent analysis! We Ethiopians have no embassy to defend us, we all changed our nationality rather than dealing with such an incompetent racist government who serve only tigreans and few hodamoch! Ethiopians are colonized by woyane, we need to have our Arab spring! THANK YOU ESAT THIS WAS A GREAT DISCUSSION! WE LOVE YOU ESATOCH! ABE BERTALEN, WE PRAY FOR ALL OF YOU!

  2. Abebe you are still our hero! forever! berta god will be with you we all ethiopians are with you, menew hewat ket ata ethiopia aregut ende ehe eko America new gobeze! edme leke tegebatalhe weyane hullu, egzibhere ferudun yestachu enantese metfeachu dersol gen sew letatefu menesat lemadachu new ezaw chaka yetmarashut new ayeferdebachum,melese yeserawen egzer setew lenantem aykerm

  3. Even u names it Helen Berhe who grows up in Welega & speaks proudly the language u hate “Oromigna”? I am pretty sure that you name peoples name to exclude them where ever they go, this is crystal clear that war on TIGRE. Tigre has the right to express them selfs or be a member of the party they like. What is wrong with that? U digging personal telephone number, name, & adress and then publishing it on media easlly, Please feel responsible, We are one as Ethiopian!! WAQAYO ISSIN YAQARQARU!!!

  4. Styared ollan , FACTfinder videohunter , Abebe Werku , Andom Teklehaimanot , Mr Binieam……. e.t,c የመሳሰሉትን ፡ ስሞች ፡ በመጠቀም ፡ የዋህ ፡የሆኑ ፡ህዝቦችን ፡ለመበረዝ ፡ አትሞክር ። በተለያዩ
    ፡የብሄረሰቦች ፡ ስምና የብሄረሰቦቹ ፡ተቆርቋሪ ፡በመምሰል ፡ የምትጠቀምባቸው ፡ ስልቶች ፡ በሙሉ ፡ ያለፈባቸው ፡ናቸው ።ማንነትህ ፡ ታውቋል ! እኔ ፡የምመክርህ ፡ ቢኖር፡ እንደ ፡ ጉእሽ ፡አበራ ፡ መጠቀሚያ ፡ እንደያደርጉህና ፡ ቀሪውን ፡ ህይወትሽን ፡ እስር ፡ቤት ፡ እንዳትማቅቅ ፡ ነው ። ቀና ፡ ነገር ፡ አስብ ! ቤተክርስቲያን ፡ ሄደህ ፡በጸበል ፡ተጠመቅ !

  5. they taught to harm ESAT journalist and Abe our Hero by spreading fear of death! But now they have given us good ground to prove the world who woyane are, and from now our journalist will be given more protection by USA because you don’t mess here! Besides, all of you tigre woyane hear that properly: WE ARE ALL ABEBE GELAW!! SOON A T-shirt will be on sell saying : We are all ABEBE GELAW Gegna who send meles evil to Dedebit Original Casa, Hell where is burnng for all his crimes!

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