ESAT ENEWYAYE on Ethiopian current politics Amsterdam 15 January 2012 – Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) ESAT is the first independent Ethiopian Satellite Television service and Radio Station who broadcast to Ethiopia and the rest of the world

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  1. Good job Esat …i am so Happy to hear on this issue what abeba has done should have been told 20 yrs ago ……. what has done to our journalist in Ethiopia shows us who melse is he was not an angel .loving our country is much more wise than loving zer .

  2. VOA agaletochihole ….FBI- nem anegagerole silzihe manenm atatalelum FIB ME MENEM SILE GEDYAW MUKERA MERJA YELGEM KISEM ALKFTEKUM BELOL YE VOANE YE 14/1/2012 ZENA ADAMETU…. ..Abebe asfari sew nehe ….

  3. BEDEB WEHA TETU twaredachihole weshetamoche ……VOA BETAME TILKE GAZETEGOCHE NACHIHU ladenekachihu efelegalhu..ewnetun selagaòltachihu hulame ewnete mizanaw yehone negre silemitakrebu

  4. ABEBE yehen MISEKIN SEW be haset mewjel gefew new ….yekerta litetyekw yegbale maferiya nhe …hulachihum maferiywche nachihu ….ABEBE Melsen ligelw ayechilem alegdelwemEM MANEM TAMO ENDEMIMOT TAMEME MOTE …ABEBEN LITAKABEDU YEMITADERGUT TIRET NEW

  5. ANTE dedeb TIGRAY malet ETHIOPIA malete endehon ewek ….tarike anbebe ETHIOPIA ketnsache TIGRYA tinsalche miknyatum mesertwa TIGRAY NECHEAN …YE 3000 amet YE ETHIOPIA TARIKE , 2000 amet ye TIGRAY tarike new 

  6. zergyeche nachihu beglese sitesadebu weyeme setwegzu alenbrem ahune sarachihu sigalte tewshaketalchihu..,…zeryoce ye zer poltica endemetakhidu eko tenketobachihuae leboche bet beselt metekmachihu new ….beka kesrachiuhole 

  7. sewnet lema: here you are again invading the forum! Get a life please, ethiopiansim is not defined by VOA but by its people ! Note that the simple fact FBI examined this criminel of Geush, means they had found sufficient ground that Abebe’s life was under thrreat by this guy and woyane so shut the fu..k up with all your non sense! ESAT stands for truth : you remember when Meles died?? Your bereket simon sheretam said it was lie…then truth made in ESAT prevailed!

  8. Because tigray does not mean anything without the rest! All the wealth is in the south! Tigrai is dengay most part so they can’t do any form of agriculture! woyane eko is DENKORO LEBA FACIST ! WE HAVE TO STAND ALL OF US, BEKA. The more they kill us, the more we resist , that movement can’t be stopped! I mean did you see the stupid guy they hired a Mehayem working in a parking lot to kill our Gegna Abe?? in America!!! Fbi Assadedeligna!

  9. YEAH MAN, ABE IS OUR GREAT HERO! SINCE HE TOLD THE TRUTH TO THE EVIL FACIST meles zenawi asres , the frog was never seen on tv in coma directly , died in july, kept secret by simon bereket and woyala, burried in Selasse, a church he never visited!! wey mewared! siyalk ayamir !

  10. Man askeberew ye 3000 wun amet Ye Ethiopia TArik?????? do you know what it is to think before talking? Man baskeberew aguer endih ye ethiopia hez lay yemetichemalekut, ye Ras Alula metassebia Temehert bet setafersu ye mataferu ewun Awerewotch setanoch! Tigray was inslaved by eritreans who in tun were inslaved by italians…who saved us from colonialism so you can come here and pride with a 3000 years story??? Leboch wuchetamoch enante nachuh, dengay ras hula woyane tigre!

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