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Build for Jihurn event to highlight the success of the Jihur Secondary School Project

DSC_0269As many of you know, HtE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded by my father, Getinet Wolde Giorgis. A strong proponent of the well-established principle that education is a powerful tool in the fight against poverty, Getinet established HtE in 2007 to improve access to and the quality of education in Jihur, one of the poorest regions in Ethiopia. At the time, one of the biggest challenges Jihur faced was the lack of a secondary school.
DSC_00041Through their hard work and continued dedication to the cause, the committee succeeded in building a secondary school in Jihur. The Jihur Secondary School opened its doors in Fall 2009 to nearly 600 9th and 10th grade students, and there are no signs of slowing down. Fall 2013 saw nearly 850 students enrolled between the 9th and 10th grade, of which just under 45% were girls. The Jihur Secondary School Committee has made tremendous progress over the last few years, and the success of the project has opened the doors to more opportunities.
Pre-Construction_Foundation_3Tickets can be purchased online at or directly through a member of the Jihur School Committee. Please feel free to contact me for me details.

Yadankush Getinet

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