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Beyond Nation, Nationalities Day of Ethiopia

Since 2006, Ethiopia has started marking nation, nationalities day colorfully. This year too the country has finalized preparation to celebrate the day for the 11th time. The celebration of the day at Harari State, nicknamed the land of peace and love, is expected to be unique. The day will be marked with a huge get together of more than 80 nation, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. It is expected to be a unique manifestations of unity in diversity.

The core tasks to be undertaken under a federal system of administration is devolving power and distributing resources. Also ensuring shared responsibilities as well as creating equal opportunities of hosting different national and international events are entailed in the task. Doing so motivates all states to strive for national development based on equal contribution of every nation, nationalities and peoples.

Beyond an endearing nation, nationalities day of Ethiopia, varied comments used to be voiced before, on and after the celebration of the day.

For today, this writer will dilate on the annually marked nation, nationalities and peoples day in Ethiopia.

Approached by The Ethiopian Herald Ministry of Culture and Tourism Public and International Relations Directorate Director Gezahegn Abate said that year after year the marking of the day induces the culture of unity in diversity. It also promotes each nation and nationalities to conserve their intangible and tangible cultural heritages. The day plays a magnificent role in creating experience sharing platforms in which different ethnic groups showcase their unique manifestations. In so doing, finally a robust tolerance and mutual cooperation could precipitate. “Exhibitions, panel discussions, research presentations, symposiums, stage scene by different nations & nationalities, organized tours, among others, are the sought-after activities conducted annually.

Down the road, this day is expected to promote an influx of international tourists”.

He said that the annually held nation and nationalities festivals pave way for the emergence of new tourism trends in the country. Beyond this, the day as well serves a reason for the expansion of infrastructural facilities countrywide while states prepare to host the yearly event. Hotels, alley roads, cultural centres, museums as well as other service rendering organizations will be created or stepped up in such a way to satisfy the demand of visitors. The sanitation and security works of towns also gets intensified in relation to the day. The inauguration of various development projects and hotels takes place thereby rising each state’s capability of hosting other broader national and international occasions and events.

Usually journeys to hosting states is done via vehicles which has a double benefit to showcase each state’s development activities and status for the representatives of each nation, nationalities that travel to the selected states from different parts of the country.

He emphasized that this will finally trigger local visitors’ interest in discovering different tourist destinations of the states. While staging their respective songs and dances as well as costumes representatives of the ethnic groups allow celebrants to be informed on peculiarities and commonalities about the other ethnic groups.

The allurement of the day is becoming irresistible by the year as it is continuously being marked at nation and nationalities place of origin. This trend also creates a positive vying spirit in rendering competition among hosting towns to present something special than the past. Such bents finally creates an opportunity to promote the country’s tourism by laying cornerstone for delivering better touristic services for overseas visitors.

Gezahegn underlined that it is also necessary to involve organized tour operators to facilitate ways for guiding guests while traveling in to the hosting town.

It is heartening to note that currently, nation, nationalities and peoples day is marked in every higher education institutions, in public and private organizations as well as in Ethiopian embassies worldwide.

Harari State Deputy Chief and 11th Nation, Nationalities Day Preparation Committee Member and Accommodation Committee Head Hamza Mohammed said that “It is a good opportunity for Harari State to host the 11th nation, nationalities and peoples day. To host the day effectively a committee, composed of 12 sub-committees, is organized headed by the federal house of federation. To this end, the town has readied hotels and guest houses for more than 4,000 guests. The day has significance in introducing progresses and investment opportunities. Thus, it could create a ripe moment for the area’s resource to be harnessed for growth and to be utilized for the expansion of new infrastructural facilities in the state.

The construction of the Harari State stadium substantiates the case in point. It is one of the standouts of development projects that came in tandem with the 11th nation, nationalities and peoples day. Thus, being the owner of a standardized stadium, contributes more for the revival of sport in the country. The construction of a wide-ranging services cultural centre that landed on 17 hectare is also the other exemplary thing of the 11th nation, nationalities and peoples day at Harer Town. The centre, which is inaugurated on Tuesday, houses theater, conference hall, cultural museum and other services.

Furthermore, side by side to celebrating the day, guests will visit the Babile Elephant Sanctuary, which is a significant animal conservation model in the Harari State.

Celebrating the day at the UNESCO registered town of peace and love as well as centre of one of the Islamic religion pilgrimages would be a plus to guests who are due to observe such wonderful identities of the Harari peoples and the magnificent land. In addition the occasion will familiarize Harari’s people well-known hospitality and cordiality.

To sum up, tourism and infrastructural development countrywide are becoming the two sides of a coin with the marking of different national and international occasions. Thus, there is no gainsaying that nation, nationalities and peoples day celebration in different towns bring a valuable progress in socio-economic affairs. The endeavours of realizing the national development is possible while every citizen takes part in activities mindful of the importance of keeping unity-in-diversity.

The continuous celebration of the day ensures sustained, strong and bold interaction among nation, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. Also it plays an indispensable role in ensuring across- the-board socio-economic benefit of every nation, nationalities and peoples.

Having more than 80 nation, nationalities, Ethiopia is becoming a role model to other countries along with activities to satisfy different interests of over 80 nation and nationalities and meet public demand. So that socio-economic development and sustained integration of nation, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia are growing steadily in the wake of this annually marked day.

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