Answer to BBC: Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam will NOT dry the Nile


As long as the English establishment medias, graduates from the establishment school of journalism criminal journalists, so called aid and aid agencies (new type of mercenaries in the 21-century) are around, be sure, you are on the process to be destroyed and eliminated from yourself. These four establishment institutions are serving the class system with it’s know behavior towards the world. There is nothing good to learn from England but all bad and negatives. The best answer is keeping them far away from any direct as well as indirect involvement in the country. When they get chances, they are like the merciless destroyers and killers have no respect to other people’s history, culture, traditions, values and ownership.

Spreading corruption including targeting some weak, cheap and ignorant high officials in order to influence the nation policy, Spreading lies, creating conflicts within and between nations, intentionally damaging the nation image and undermine the people are among the weapons they are using and good at. Destroying the social fabric is their first and main target that would lead them achieve the devastating goals they are having to other nations but doing all this in the name of aid and acting friendly and pretending as if they are helping. If they know how and what to help, they need to leave us alone and stay away. Their own little England and millions of citizens need more help and aid than other living in a sunny and shiny Ethiopia with lots of hope ahead that they are working in secret to stop the unstoppable.

If they know how to help, they need to help themselves in England which a little island facing tremendous difficulties in a way there is no more turning back. They need to stop running to other weak and poor nations in the name of aid, democracy, free media, human right and other rubbish ideas of them and the rest of the world have to accept them because of they are saying so.
Most of them are living a toxic and chaotic life in England with no better future in the class society and huge population with very different back ground, agenda and way of life and existence including sharia is becoming the rule of the nation in some part of the society. That is why they are running to other nations to escape the pressure and difficulty they are facing and the very very bad weather all the time on the English sky. yet, they are acting as experts, queens and kings in the countries they are coming by themselves for their own agenda and benefit in the name of aid and other bullshit institutions they are using to affect those allowing them to do so.

Is there any nation in the so called developed ones that is suffering with multiple problems than the little evil England is facing today and the worse yet has to come?

They are going around the world hunting poor, weak and naive people that are giving them trust and treat them nicely to destroy them as they did the last 500 years including against the aboriginals and Native Americans. 200 years ago, there was no a single English living in Australia. Back then only black Australians speaking more than 275 languages, having very developed and ancient culture and tradition were living with organized manners. They lived there at least for more than 30.000 years.

But because of they allowed the English to touch their territories and they didn’t fight them from the start to expel them from their native Australia, look what happened to them. The same thing happened to the Native Americans, new Zealanders and they tried their most evil attack against the Africans but didn’t manage to wipe out the natives and take over the continent. They only managed to destroy the Africans own language, way of life, tradition and everything they have for their own including their human dignity.

The current generation of English seems are picking up the legacy against the world mainly the poor, weak and naive people especially in east and horn Africa which their parents and grandparents didn’t manage to finish it. Aid in England is part of the establishment this generation is using to affect other nations as their parents did with missionaries and invading forces that did lead to colonization and slavery. The English medias and journalists are the biggest weapons the establishment is using them to wage war and win the battle against the nations they are approaching them in the name of aid and invading them with aid agencies but for real they are mercenaries to implement the establishment and class system agenda they have to the world started from poor, weak and naive nations that are allowing them and treat them nicely.

However, if you see England as a very small island, there are lots of problems within it. In London living around 8 million people. More than 55% are not the English. London is divided not only with class system but also with religion, race, Ethnicity and continent. It is the same in other English citizens and towns. Crime is endemic and wide spread. Ten age pregnancy is the highest in Europe. The population proportion with the land is also the highest in England. England is 130.000Km with 55 million population. This is higher that the Benelux nations that are known with huge population and little territory. The number of poor people is the highest in Europe. There are parallel justice systems in England where sharia is ruling own community and playing roles in the nations justice system. If things are continuing this way, for sure, England will be ruled by sharia; thanks to the oil and gas money that is buying England and the class system is happy to sell it.

The so called Arab spring is seen in England the savior of the English economy. Because of the situation, many milliners and ballooners and others who have money are freely and happily allowed to buy England homes and the land. The Russian, China and other milliners and ballooners are also buying England and become part of the establishment class system. this the reason they are telling the world the English economy is growing using the unacceptable high home prices that would bring back 2008 economic crisis soon. The situation among the poor and middle class is worse that it was even a month ago. Only the class system that is part of the establishment is benefiting from in a way to bring another economic crisis the tax payers have to save it. The thieves and criminals will keep the billions they are stealing this way introducing bad economic policy working only for the few against the benefit of the mass. This is the system they are looking to Introduce in Ethiopia too.

Do you remember, the English embassy economic attaché in Addis Ababa identified 25 sectors in Ethiopia to be under the English type of privatization economic system? The reason is not to benefit Ethiopia but they could get in the country economic as well as social and political system to affect badly directly playing games with in. This is the best way to destroy the Ethiopian economy and eradicate any development activities before the country becomes strong and stable reaching in the position they can’t stop and influence anymore. But the English system itself didn’t stop England to be the centre of the economic crisis and the place of poor people, crimes and suffering its millions of citizens. So, no one allows their system in Ethiopia. It is a suicide system affects the nation badly while benefiting the few criminals and thieves as it is going on in England started from their bank systems.

There is no end mentioning with what kind problems and divided society that little island is facing. Using the media, the establishment graduate criminal journalists, aid and aid agencies (mercenaries) talking about other nations weaknesses and trying to export their problems in those nations will not solve the huge problem that little island is facing. Running to other nation to escape the pressure and the hell look like weather in England is also will not solve the problem that little island is facing.

So, it is not only laughable, laying, cheating, criminal and with countless bad names when the English come in to Africa and these days targeting Ethiopian in the name of aid pretending they are going to solve the nation problem despite they don’t understand the people, culture, tradition, history and the country doesn’t belong to them, but also it is a shame and the worse weakness the English are facing. Instead of following their parents foot steps to destroy other nations using weaknesses as opportunities, they need to face their own problem they are facing in England.
At the end of the day, England is their only place. They need to worry about it rather than behaving like evils and Satans always trying to affect other nations. BBC is a state owned establishment criminal media. But BBC itself is criticizing state owned Medias in other countries. Even this one shows what kind creatures they are. They are fake, dishonest, liars and getting satisfaction when they see other are having troubles and they are the one benefiting from.

If you want to build a strong society, useful economic system and implement own political and social fabrics learning from the best nations like China, Japan, Russia and many other good nation including some in Europe, then avoid the English. Don’t allow them to hijack from the economic as well as political and social system you are having for your own people benefit. You have nothing to learn from them to implement but you have to learn from them not to use and implement any economic policy, political agenda, social system and so on they are having. They are in big troubles for their own. If their system is working why is it happening so many troubles to them in England?

Don’t trust, allow and relay on them. They will happily leave you in the deep and wide middle ocean when they become sure you cannot swim by yourself and you are in a bad situation that would give them the upper hand in your place and situation. They are creating problems intentionally in order they to be asked or accepted to assist you which is the best tactic to come in and doing their own secret agenda pretending they are there to help.

So, avoid and expel the English Medias, criminal journalists, aid, aid agencies and the embassy that is the head above all of them. Tell and teach the people about the evil nature of these establishment private institutions. They are there for more than 30 years in the name of aid. It is like they are there to keep the nation continuing seeking aid that would give them lucrative job living in a poor society acting as god and enjoying cheap living coast and the best weather they can’t get in England even for a day in one year. If Ethiopia rejects the English type of aid that is affecting the nation badly in many ways including the medias like bbc are part of it, those about 700 English citizens working in Ethiopia today in the name of charities and NGO in sectors that have no economic leverage in the country but affecting the social fabrics, in England they will become jobless and part of the Toxic society and living under the cloudy sky and cold England always head down and feel depressed as many of them are.

Therefore, they will fight till the end, Ethiopia to be continuing seeking aid in order they could stay in the country for best life they are having. Conflicts within and between nations including what BBC is trying to do back then with Kenya regarding the Gigel Gibe III and right now with the Nile is part of the games they are playing to keep them in Ethiopia and implement the establishment agenda regarding to Ethiopia.

So, avoid the English if you want to build a strong and useful society, economy and political system. They are spoilers, trouble makers and bad habit teachers and specialists.

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